A staggeringly beautiful love story about two teens who are keeping desperate secrets from each other.
January 2015

EM Lipski is a talented writer. I was hooked on her novel from start to finish.
Amanda Apthorpe
(Whispers in the Wiring)

I enjoyed your beautiful writing SO much. Since we Loved is a real achievement. Tam is an incredible character, and she feels so real, so quiet and lovely.
Lucinda Dodds,
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OMG! I loved it! I was blubbering when Tam was talking to her sister, then even more when the mum joined in. Love the ending - really lovely cause its hopeful but not gushy...
Julie Bright

A collection of short shorts and short stories.
A collection of memories about the deaths of four members of my family and the grief that ensued in each case, plus bits of wisdom born of pain which I hope can help anyone going through the grief process.
A Tad Rusty
Brunette with Scars
Four Days
Hammer and Thongs
Herme's Resting
Then and Then
Tramming It
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