I started writing at age twelve. I wrote pages and pages about a family, my ideal family, based on characters from TV shows I was watching at the time. But my sisters found my writings and teased me mercilessly. I put away my writing for many years.

It wasn't until I was much older and doing the Dip. Arts (Prof.Writing & Editing) that I began to write short stories, and my first novel. After that I did a degree majoring in writing but then life and stuff got in the way so I did not return to writing every day, until recently.

Now, I'm doing the PWE diploma for the second time because I can't imagine doing anything else with my days off.
So far, I've not planned anything I've written. Oh, there might have been a loose structure but often that structure will soon have become redundant. I seem to channel what I write. From where? I do not know. Perhaps, I am simply removing enough of my judgmental self from the situation that I can then enjoy a free flow of words, which I simply type onto the screen before me. Mind you, that is not to say that there are not screeds of pages that I write which end up in my Darlings folder. I'm lucky that I have a fairly good BS detector, which I employ early the next morning for things I've written the night before.