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Since we Loved is finally finished and ready to hit the shelves, tablets or Kindle readers. The early feedback I've received about this book is heartening. Here's some of what folk have said:

'EM Lipski is a talented writer. I was hooked on her novel from start to finish.'
Amanda Apthorpe
(Whispers in the Wiring)

'I enjoyed your beautiful writing so much.
Since we Loved is a real achievement. Tam is such a real character. She feels so real. So quiet and lovely and ... yes, real.'
Lucinda Dodds,
Books In Print

'OMG. I loved it. I was blubbering when Tam was talking to her sister, and even more when Mum joined in. I love the ending, too. It's not gushy.'
Julie Bright
Copyright 2014 EM Lipski
Since we Loved is available to read on my Read page. And anyone who does read it and emails me feedback (good or bad) - your name will appear on the Acknowledgements page of my novel as a token of my appreciation.
It's about a girl who falls in love with the new boy at school, only to find out he has a terrible secret. But then, so has she.